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Earplugs for concerts and everyday life.
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The ultimate earplug experience.

Killnoise high-quality reusable earplugs are the essential gadget for your loud adventures. Designed in Sweden, they are the best earplugs for concerts, protecting your hearing, yet maintaining the sound experience. Musicians choose our music earplugs for the clear, crisp sound and evenly distributed attenuation. At just a fraction of the cost of custom earplugs. Ideal as surf and swim earplugs, blocking out water, without affecting hearing and balance. And for motorcycle riders, these soft and comfortable earplugs fit perfectly underneath the helmet.

Get your plugs today. It's probably one of the best lifetime investments you will ever make.

Earplugs for concerts
Earplugs for concerts.

Best of two worlds: Keep the sound experience and protect your hearing. Your new festival essential.

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Earplugs for motorcycle
Motorcycle earplugs.

The ultimate earplugs for motorcycle riders. Soft and comfortable for a snug and safe fit during long rides.

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Earplugs with logo
Branded earplugs.

Custom earplugs for brands, artists and merchandise. Ideal for promotion and give-away. Brand in style.

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