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Here we have summoned up a few frequently asked questions for you. We hope you will enjoy this content. If you do not find an answer to your question, just drop us a line at 
and we will be sure to get back to you at no time at all.

How do Killnoise earplugs work?
Killnoise earplugs are created to reduce dangerous loud noises, still enabling you to hear sound. In this way you can still hear and speak normally in loud and noisy environments. Mean attenuation from 20 dB (SNR).
When do I use Killnoise earplugs?
At an average reduction level of 20 dB, Killnoise earplugs suit most loud and noisy environments. Perfect for concert, festival, night club, travel, motorsport, swimming – you name it. However, for extreme noise levels, e.g. hunting and heavy construction, we recommend headset ear protection.
How does Killnoise earplugs work in different kinds of environments?
The sound pressure depends on many factors – for example how a space looks, what material there is in the ceiling, roof and floor, how much people that are inside, how much clothes they are wearing etc. It’s also different depending on where you stand in the room. Sound levels are never constant in normal environments. For example if a concert would measure 120 dB, this does not necessarily mean 120 dB at all times. The level of 120 dB might only occur from time to time, in which Killnoise earplugs are perfectly adequate. However, if there would be a constant level of 120 dB, within time you would need to wear head set ear protection.
What material are Killnoise earplugs made of?
Killnoise Earplugs are made of a thermoplastic material that is extremely soft and flexible, for maximum comfort for your ear canals. The material is also recyclable, hypoallergenic and CE certified. Great for both body and environment.
What size of Killnoise earplugs suits me best?
Killnoise earplugs are available in two sizes, Medium/Large and Small. Medium/Large fits most people with normal or large ear canals. Small fits those with a bit smaller ear canals, most often kids, girls, young people, and some women.
Will Killnoise earplugs be shaped to my ear canals within time?
Absolutely, Killnoise earplugs will soften and shaped to your ear kanals within no time at all. When they are bradn new, you might experience them as being a bit more stiff. In that case, simple put them in warm water and soften them up between your fingers.
How do I insert the earplugs?
Grab the earplug in the stem and insert it with a gentle twist, while at the same time pulling your ear backwards in order to straighten your ear canal. Since made of a very soft material, without a hard tail, it is important to use both hands in order to insert the earplug properly.
How do I keep Killnoise earplugs clean?
Killnoise earplugs are reusable and long-lasting. Simple to clean, using only soap and water. Usage of different chemicals can have negative effects of the product and is therefore not recommended.
Why are there no attached cords to Killnoise earplugs?
Many people might find cords as practical because they can take their earplugs in and out when they want. This is a big problem. You should never remove your earplugs when spending time in a loud and noisy environment. This is actually more damaging for your ears than not wearing earplugs at all. When removing ear protection in a noisy environment, your ears will experience a huge relative difference in sound pressure, resulting in a “bang”, which can be very damaging. Instead, if you want to hear more, simply pull your earplugs out one level, in which more sound comes through. But you will still be protected. Furthermore, when you’re not in a noisy environment anymore, why have your earplugs hanging around you neck? Simply put them in your pouch instead.
Where do I buy Killnoise earplugs?
You can easily order online, in our store. Our products are also sold in several retail and online shops, as well as arenas and festivals in the world.
What is the shipping cost for ordering online?
Free shipping for all orders.
When do I get my Killnoise earplugs if I order online?
Even if you live on the other side of the globe, we do our very best to ensure that you receive your plugs as fast as possible. Please view our shipping list for approx. shipping time.
Nordic: 2-5 business days
Europe: 2-7 business days
North America: 5-15 business days
Rest of the World: 5-20 business days